Why service your car?


Regular servicing provides peace of mind that the vehicle is in road-worthy condition.

Servicing will make sure that essential checks are carried out to critical vehicle components such as your braking system and suspension to make sure that these vital parts don’t let you down when you need them most.


Not servicing your vehicle each year to save a few pounds really is a false economy.

Regular maintenance can help to identify issues early on that could later become costly and expensive to rectify.

Regular servicing can also save motorists money at the petrol pump. New oil and air filters make for a smoother running engine and a more fuel efficient car, while addressing issues such as under inflated tyres will reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel consumption.

Full service history 

When people look at buying a car they like to see full service history this is beneficial to you as it makes your vehicle more reliable whilst you own it, easier to sell over a car with part or no history, and increases its resale value likely how you will look for your next vehicle with full service history.

Car servicing in Melksham